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Hoarding Consultant Services

Maury Hammond, the renowned hoarding consultant, is the driving force behind Freedom Maids. Specializing in assisting individuals with hoarding tendencies, Maury offers expert consulting services. With extensive experience and a profound comprehension of hoarding behaviors, Maury is well-equipped to guide you through the unique challenges that arise when working with hoarding clients. Take advantage of this opportunity to schedule a consultation with Maury and gain invaluable insights that can significantly impact the lives of those grappling with hoarding issues.

Hoarding Solutions Consultant Maury Hammond
Hoarding Solutions Consultant Maury Hammond

Hoarding Specialist at Your Service

No matter the severity, we have the knowledge and experience to effectively address whatever hoarding condition you may be confronting. We approach each project with sensitivity, respect, and a commitment to finding personalized solutions.

Wherever you are in Houston, the United States, or the world, for that matter, Maury is available to speak with you and offer advice on any number of hoarding cleanup, decluttering, and related service challenges with which you, a friend, and/or your family are facing.

Maury brings a wealth of life experience and hoarding cleanup and decluttering knowledge to bear in his discussions.

Book time with Maury in as little as 30-minute intervals to gain valuable insights that can help you today in your particular situation. All discussion is completely discreet and confidential, and are conducted through Zoom or Google Meets.

Meet Maury: Hoarding Expert

Maury Hammond, the owner of Freedom Maids, is a true expert in hoarding situations. With over a decade of experience, he’s had the opportunity to help thousands of homeowners find relief from cluttered areas and extreme filth. If you or someone you know is struggling with hoarding, don’t hesitate to seek a consultation with Maury. His tailored, expert advice can address hoarding issues and provide the necessary insight to restore your affected area.

Common Questions

What is hoarding consulting?

Hoarding consulting is a specialized service provided by our owner, Maury Hammond, who has expertise in dealing with hoarding situations. He offers guidance, support, and practical strategies to individuals, families, or organizations facing hoarding challenges. THe helps clients understand the underlying causes of hoarding behaviors, develop personalized action plans, and provide resources for effective decluttering and organizing.

What can I expect from a hoarding consultation?

During a hoarding consultation, Maury will assess the hoarding situation and gain an understanding of your specific needs and goals. He may provide insights into the psychology of hoarding, offer practical advice on decluttering and organizing, and address any safety or health concerns. He may also collaborate with other specialists, such as professional organizers or therapists, to ensure a holistic approach to overcoming hoarding disorders.

How can hoarding consulting services benefit me or my loved one?

Maury offers non-judgmental guidance to help you develop personalized strategies for addressing hoarding behaviors. He can assist in creating a safe living environment, improving overall well-being, and fostering healthier habits and routines. Consulting services can also provide emotional support, reducing feelings of isolation and helping you regain control of your life.

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