Freedom Maids means
Freedom for Life

★ More time with your family and friends.

★ More time for yourself.

★ More time for all the life-enriching activities you can imagine.

Freedom Maids means
less hassle

★ Unannounced, random inspections by management to control quality

★ The same cleaning team servicing your home each time, every time

★ High quality, guaranteed results

Freedom Maids means
clear communication

English-speaking cleaning teams at every
appointment and quick access to a decision-maker
when needed.

Freedom Maids means
peace of mind

A laser-sharp focus on attention to detail
and caring, friendly customer service with a
personal touch.

Make Your Home Safe,Healthy And Fully-functional Again

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Whether it’s an actual hoarding situation or something less serious, our services revolve around your needs. Regardless of what caused the current issue, it’s about restoring your home to to a minimally-acceptable level of cleanliness and functionality. Here’s how we do it.


Make Your Home Move-in Ready When It’s Time For Spring-cleaning, Buying, Selling Or Leasing

Improving Your Home
Protect your most valuable asset. Don’t trust your insurance-related roof work to just anyone. With free inspections and insurance specialists in the field, we will help you get your roof replacement approved and installed right. We’ll guide you through the insurance process every step of the way.

Improving Your Home

Obtain Regular Repairs To Keep Your Home Properly Maintained To Preserve Property Value, Functionality And Safety

Daily Deals and Specials
We can usually handle just about any repair that is necessary inside or outside the home. We are fast, friendly and have pricing that fits most budgets. Give us a call. From replacing faucets to installing ceiling fans, we are versatile and quick to give you options when appropriate.


Make Major Changes To Your Home To Improve Lifestyle, Recover From Disaster, Or Prepare For Sale Or Lease
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Compassionate Hoarding Solutions | Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas

Freedom Maids is a family-owned specialized cleaning company serving The Greater Houston, Texas area. Our cleaning programs are customized to meet the needs and expectations of individuals and families struggling with deep clutter, chronic, extreme filth\disorganization and hoarding situations of all sizes and complexity. We also are accustomed to clearing and cleaning situations that include exposed\rotted food waste, animal\human waste, and high volumes of insect infestation. Our additional experience in property preservation, construction and handyman services allows us to offer any large or small repairs that may be necessary to return the property to a standard level of usability and functionality.

We provide free on-site evaluations and estimates. In business, dependability is key. Freedom Maids delivers true value, backed by a sharp focus on attention to detail and customer service with a personal touch. Experience the difference Freedom Maids can make in your life. Contact Us Today to set up a free on-site estimate.

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