Do I need to provide the cleaning supplies?
No. Freedom Maids provides ALL cleaning supplies and vacuums. If you have a preferred product you wish to provide please contact our office with you special request and instructions.
What if I want a special cleaner used on a special item?
You can leave the requested product out and we will be happy to use it as requested. Please call our office with your special requests and instruction before the date of your service so we can instruct our cleaning associates properly.
What are Freedom Maids’s working hours?
Service is available Monday thru Saturday, 8:00am to 6:00pm.
Do you do windows?
Yes we do! Please contact us to schedule this special request.
How many people will you send to my home?
One or two people depending on the size or intensity of the job. Larger crews are put together for Deep or Custom Cleans.
What do I do with my indoor pets?
We are comfortable cleaning around your pets. If you happen to have an overly aggressive animal, we simply ask that you make arrangements for the pet while we clean your home.
How do I pay for my service?
Payment is due on the day of your service. We are happy to accept your cash, check or credit card.
How do you get in my home if I am not there?
Security of your home is our highest concern. We prefer that you give us a key, which we label with a non-traceable number to your home. Your key is kept in a key safe at Freedom Maids. It is issued out to your maid on the day of each service.
What if I prefer not to give you a key?
Other arrangements can be made. But if we are unable to enter your home upon arrival “lockout” or late cancellation/rescheduling fees may apply..
What if I am not satisfied with the job provided?
Our goal is for that to never happen. But if it does, please telephone our office within 24 hours of your service and discuss it with us. We will be happy to re-clean any areas to your satisfaction. We stand behind our work 100%.
What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment I’ve made?
We ask for 2 business days notice for cancellation or rescheduling any appointment. Late fees apply for lesser notice. Please ask your Customer Care Representative for more information.
Are you Bonded and Insured?
Yes we are. We can provide documentation upon request. A bond is an insurance policy covering theft. The policy is payable upon conviction.
Are there any extra charges I should be aware of?
Yes we are. We can provide documentation upon request. A bond is an insurance policy covering theft. The policy is payable upon conviction.
Do you provide apartment cleaning services as well?
We sure do. We are happy to provide any apartment cleaning services you need. We can also make your apartment ready for you to move out.
Do I need to leave cleaning instructions for my maid?
No, in fact we take care of all that for you! In your initial set-up, we’ll make permanent notes with all important information regarding your home, pets and any special requests you have. Please call our office with any updates so we can provide you with consistent service.Please update our office with any changes in your contact phone numbers, occupants, pets, alarm codes, etc.

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