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Going it Alone? Good for you! Don’t Get Stuck on WHERE to Start. Just Start!

As a hoarding solutions provider in Houston for several years now, I invariably will hear this statement from a client: “I just had no idea where to start”?

I totally get it. You are looking at piles of stuff everywhere in your home. You know you have to DO something. Somewhere. But it can be overwhelming. Where to start? It doesn’t necessarily have to even be an actual hoarding situation. You just may have too much stuff and are looking for some advice on what to do.

Here’s what I say (and I am sure others said it first…!): Depending on how long it’s been, it may not be so important as to WHERE to start, but just THAT you indeed do start. Start somewhere. Does that make sense?

I know that for myself sometimes, the simple act of starting gives me sense of accomplishment. It gives me confidence to keep going. I compare it to going to the gym. I may not want to go, but I find that, if I do, there is a much higher likelihood of me working out. It amazes me. And then that simple act gives me the confidence to keep going.

Get Out of Your Head and Just Go For It! What’s the worst that can happen?

So, the next time you are at loose ends about where to start reducing your clutter, don’t think about where. Just do. You know. Like the famous shoe company slogan….? Get past the where. Just start. As soon as you do and you start seeing progress, the cleaning nerd in you will start to emerge and your brain will start sorting stuff and giving you ideas on what to do with the stuff you are organizing. Pretty soon you will have totally cleared out an entire space and you will be racing to start on the next area.

Another way to start is to give each room a rating of 1-5, with 5 being the most important to your daily living routine. Bathroom and Kitchen may each be a 5. The rarely-used bedroom at the end of the hall might be a 1 or a 2. Get it? But that’s another post!


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