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Use These Helpful Tips to Improve Your Communication With Elderly Persons

I found this list at the Cuyahoga Hoarding Connection. It is very useful when working with family members who are trying to help an elderly loved one. Having now done literally hundreds of small- and large-scale hoarding clean-up projects, I can vouch 100% as to the accuracy and importance of using this list to interact […]

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Got a Mess? Got Hoarding? Where Do You start?

Going it Alone? Good for you! Don’t Get Stuck on WHERE to Start. Just Start! As a hoarding solutions provider in Houston for several years now, I invariably will hear this statement from a client: “I just had no idea where to start”? I totally get it. You are looking at piles of stuff everywhere […]

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How to Clean Windows

The best way to clean windows, or any large expanse of glass, is with a squeegee. It does a faster and better job. You need a professional-quality squeegee, a window wand, and an extension pole if you’ll be doing high windows. The basic process is simple — apply the cleaning solution with the window wand, […]

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Dealing with Hard Water Spots

Hard-water deposits are alkaline, so an acid-based cleaner is the best approach for cleaning them. Phosphoric acid works well and is safe for most surfaces. If you buy cleaners containing phosphoric acid in a grocery store, it will likely contain about 4 percent to 6 percent acid. You can purchase lime scale removers at janitorial […]

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Welcome to Freedom Maids

Freedom Maids is a family owned cleaning service serving the Houston, Texas area.We offer experienced, reliable and friendly staff, all of whom are bonded for your protection. Our cleaning programs are customized to your needs and expectations. Our maid service already serves many businesses and homes throughout the Houston area. Freedom Maids delivers to homeowners […]

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